Posted on Dec 20, 2018

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Why Won’t My Website Rank Pt 3
You Treat Your Website Like It Lives in a Vacuum
The problem with this is that SEO does not live in a vacuum. It exists with web content, social media, pay-per-click, and other online components.

You are not being sold on a host of our other services. We are simply pointing out that online marketing is more holistic than ever before.

All elements are important to rank including the time visitors stay on your site, how often people click through it, the number of times it is mentioned online and how much engagement you get on social media.

Some things will impact your rank more directly than others, but every component is important.

Google looks at more than the signals that are being put forth from your website.

This is not to say that posting consistently on Facebook equals better ranking. We are saying that if you build a community on Facebook and on other platforms, more people will visit your website, read your content and click your links.

All these things lead to more than higher rankings.

Today, the most common reason for not getting a website to rank is:
Competitors Are Doing More Than You
You are doing SEO in a vacuum.
Search engine optimization is not a secret to the competition like it was years ago. It is a crucial part of today’s marketing....

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