Posted on Dec 13, 2018

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Why Isn’t My Website ranking? Pt 2

The truth is that there could be a number of things holding you back. They may include:

Unsatisfactory content
Plagiarized content
Untouched, old content
Poor navigation
Split keyword focus
Incomplete basics such as schema markup, alt tags, and metas
No links (even though there are many ways to get them, not all are worth having and others could prove fatal)
No blog (no way of continually refreshing content)
You have not marketed the website

The bottom line is that you need a good portfolio of links from different sources. Well, even though this is the case, there are some links that are not good for a website. At the same time, you should never think of buying links. Link schemes are also bad for you. Therefore, the best way to do this is a natural way and avoid those that might raise flags.

And of course, there are bad links. For example:
If you get targeted by someone with ill intent. What does this mean? Well, some people may begin using unethical tactics on your website.

Such people do not actually have a reason to do this. They simply target a website and choose to inject malicious codes. Other may start scraping your blogs and republishing all of your contents. Others choose to build several links to your website from questionable websites.

Remember, Google is very good at spotting negative SEO attacks. Nevertheless, you do not want to risk your website and the penalties that may come because of the issue.

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