Posted on Dec 20, 2018

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Link Building and Houston SEO: What You Need to Know
There have been many changes in strategies in the world of search engine optimization, but there is one constant that has remained, and this is the importance of high-quality link building on search engine rankings and increasing brand recognition. If you run a small business or even a startup, you will need to have a Houston SEO campaign that includes inbound link building;

What is it?
In simple terms, inbound links are those links that are placed on external websites and they link back to your website. This can link to a specific page or a blog post.
It is one of the factors used in ranking, and this is why search engines will look at the inbound links of your website. It will use this information to determine how you are going to rank. But is not where they stop. They will go ahead and do an evaluation of the relevance and authority of the website linking to yours. Is the external website authoritative? Is the website trustworthy? Is it relevant in the industry it is in? In short, the website that you are using to link to yours must be of high-quality before it can have any impact on your Houston SEO.

What Are the Benefits?
What can you expect when you have effectively used inbound link building as part of the campaign?
Some of the benefits you can expect to get include:
Brand visibility....

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